November Update

Intense Coin (ITNS) is only three months young, but with every update post, we have grown tremendously. Today, our team is larger, our community is larger, the network is larger, and our market value is larger! We only have the community to thank for our continued growth, so please accept our sincere gratitude!

Intense Team Growth

We are very proud to acknowledge the addition of a dedicated Business Development Manager to our team, SlowGrowth! He has an extensive and impressive 13-year background in managing, growing and starting multiple businesses in the private sector and self-describes himself as an entrepreneur. SlowGrowth’s responsibilities will primarily center around establishing partnerships with targeted VPN providers, strategic outreach to venture capitalists and private investors interested in blockchain investment opportunities, and exchange outreach and partnership establishment. SlowGrowth also has experience in community management and will assist with creation and support of our social media campaigns and management of our relations on social media platforms. His qualifications speak volumes and the Intense team is grateful to have his expertise onboard!

An additional developer has agreed to join the Intense team, Pallas. He boasts an impressive 4 year background in blockchain development, 30+ years in C/C++ and PHP, and currently serves as the lead developer for Cryptonite, a project known well as the first mini-blockchain technology. Pallas currently servers in a mostly consultative role for ITNS at the present moment due to time constraints, but we hope as time passes, Pallas can increase his commitment to Intense!

We are still planning to add a more full-time developer to the team (be it Pallas or another candidate) and a public relations manager. Efforts continue to seek out a dedicated and experienced individual to lead our public relations endeavors, emphasizing community engagement and brand image.

Whitepaper Published

It was with great pleasure that we released the Intense whitepaper on October 31! Overall, we feel the reception was highly positive. Some feedback was received from Pallas and community members, and the whitepaper was revised accordingly. Graphics and styling elements have been prepared for the whitepaper, and a stylized version will be posted within a week.

Mandatory Wallet Update

A mandatory wallet update occurred at block 55,000 to increase the block size to 1 MB. This allowed every transaction in the mempool to finally be processed! Some additional variables were adjusted after the 1 MB upgrade to allow extra large transactions to make it into the block, as some TXs are currently in limbo due to sheer size. The most recent change will take effect at block 65,000, about 2 days from now. If you aren’t running wallet/CLI version 1.3.0 or later, you are not compliant with the current network standards and will fork after block 65k. Please make sure you are running the latest wallet version (1.3.0 or later)! Download the latest GUI wallet here or daemon here.

Please note that prior to the block 65k upgrade (which will occur on the morning of 11/17/17 UTC), you should use minimal mixins in your transactions (0 or 1) to reduce TX size. Otherwise, your TXs will remain pending until 65k.

Exchange Outreach

We are continuing to reach out to exchanges inquiring about the possibility of listing Intense Coin on more exchanges. Some community members have asked us why we are not listed on more exchanges aside from Please rest assured that Alex and SlowGrowth of the Intense team have worked with great diligence to perform strategic outreach to exchanges. The issue is that many coins are seeking listing at the present moment as cryptocurrency is a very hot topic as of late. This has created a lot of pressure on the exchanges and their resources, and accordingly, they have increased their fees dramatically. Quotes to list ITNS on low popularity to moderate popularity exchanges have ranged from 2 BTC to 10 BTC. We also previously sought listing with Yobit and Novaexchange, but Yobit failed to complete the listing (despite paying BTC for expedited processing) and Nova is now closing their doors.

As you may recall, Intense is not an initial coin offering (ICO) funded project, so these exorbitant rates demanded by exchanges are out of the question. Therefore, we are still seeking an exchange that is interested in becoming partners with Intense by accepting the listing fee in ITNS rather than in BTC. Progress has been made and new leads continue to be sought. We will update you as soon as another listing has taken place.

As an aside, we want to note a new all-time-high of 58 satoshis for Intense Coin on today. Awesome! However, everyone on the Intense team believes this is only a very, very early indication of what is to come. Intense Coin, P2P decentralized anonymous VPN, is a novel and revolutionary idea. We wouldn’t fathom selling a single ITNS until at least $1, and even then, we’re holding until $100!

Business Development

Alex had the fortune of attending and representing ITNS at the official Satoshi Square Meetup in Bangkok on November 13! This informal event is an opportunity for blockchain creators and consumers, entrepreneurs and low-to-mid-level crypto investors to meet and discuss the happenings in the cryptocurrency world. Over 100 people attended the meetup, and Alex was able to glean valuable insight on potential mechanisms of engagement with the Thai community. We plan to utilize Alex’s new knowledge and connections to get ITNS listed on a major fiat Thai exchange, BX.IN.TH. More Satoshi Square meetups will be held every 1-3 weeks and Alex will continue to attend these as he is able, creating excellent opportunities for networking and engagement to benefit Intense Coin! Check out a photo from the event below. We told Alex that he will need to attend the next event with an Intense Coin tattoo on his forehead for photo opportunities. If you’re in the disposable tattoo business, get in touch with us! ?

Intense Coin at Satoshi Square Meetup, Bangkok, Thailand November 13, 2017

We have spoken with several VPN service providers about forging a potential partnership with Intense Coin, and have received preliminary interest from several parties although no deals have been finalized yet. SlowGrowth and Alex have been working on a campaign to target key influencers and stakeholders in the Crypto/BTC arena. Both of these aspects of the strategic partnership plan will be more heavily emphasized as we get closer to the beta release of the Intense VPN, which has a target date set of end-December. At this point we are still planning on meeting this target for beta release.

Community Engagement and Bounties

The Twitter bounty campaign last month created a great amount of engagement in the crypto community with Intense Coin. Today, we are proud to acknowledge 546 members in Slack, over 100 pages of chatter on the Bitcointalk forum, and the addition of an Intense Coin Discord server! Many community members requested that we expand our social platforms to include Discord, so we have listened to you and created a server. Come chat with us!

Intense Coin Discord

This month, we will be launching a signature campaign on Bitcointalk for Intense Coin. Use your signature space on BCT to promote Intense Coin and receive some sweet ITNS bounty rewards in exchange! We plan to release details by November 20.

Overall, the Intense community is small, but tight-knit. Many community members have approached us inquiring about how they can help. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, re-tweet our posts, and most importantly, participate in Slack/Discord/Bitcointalk!


The Intense team and community have very positive feelings about the project. Our eyes are always ahead with concrete plans and goals, and the Intense team plans to make Intense a revolutionary and successful P2P VPN. As usual, our goal with this post and every future monthly post is to keep the community informed. We are fully transparent in our business plans and endeavors, and we hope you appreciate that. Stay tuned and check back for another monthly update on December 15!