April 15th Update

Welcome to mid-April, Intense Coin (ITNS) community.

Our development, marketing, social media and content team have all been hard at work over the two weeks and have a number of updates to share with you about the development of our product and brand since the last update.


As we have discussed in prior posts, our blockchain development team has decided to follow Monero for non-VPN blockchain developments. In an attempt to protect the cryptocurrency against the recent addition of ASIC miners, the Monero development team successfully hard forked the cryptocurrency on Friday, April 6 and completed the transfer to version 7 of Monero.

Creator Riccardo Spagni via Twitter:

Intense Coin blockchain developers have decided to follow Monero’s decision related to anti-ASIC measures and will also be hard forking.

Please note that Intense Coin will be hard forking to version 4 on or around May 14, 2018. If you want to prepare for the hard fork, you can begin by switching to the latest code (AKA rebase; current master branch of github.com/valiant1x/intensecoin repo, and current release v1.45 github.com/valiant1x/intensecoin/releases). The build environment for hard fork version 4 and software version >=1.45 is different than prior versions.

The current master branch does not contain hard fork version 4 compliant code, but this message is to give you a heads up that change is coming and you should prepare appropriately. If you setup your build environment now, you will be able to simply `git pull` and rebuild before the hard fork without dealing with possible dependency issues.

If you are updating to software version 1.45 from version 1.4.2 or earlier, it is important to note that your wallet file is incompatible. You must manually either export the private keys from your old wallet file and import them into a wallet created by 1.45, or create a brand new wallet and manually transfer funds from one wallet to another. The reason compatibility between versions was not inbuilt is we are encouraging all users to upgrade to version 1.45 wallets as they support 25 word seed restoration, whereas wallets created in 1.4.2 or earlier do not support 25 word seeds.

For information on converting your wallet, please see this Reddit post.


The Intense team is continuing to work closely with our new partner Moon Lisboa. This coming week, we will be receiving and reviewing the first formal proposal from Moon. We are still right on schedule and plan to have the rebranding process completed within 4-6 weeks to align with release of our first product, the Browser Extension.

Intense "spaceship" landing on the Moon


This month Intense has added Steven Deurloo to our team as an advisor.

Steven Deurloo

Steven has been a financial advisor and entrepreneur in various capacities since gaining degrees in both Law and Economics back in 1992. He set up his first business in 1986 during his student years but really started working as a tax lawyer at KPMG in 1994. In 1997 he moved to Structured Finance at Citibank in London and Tokyo and later came back to the Netherlands to work at ING Bank in Amsterdam.

In the last 10 years he has been involved in private equity and venture capital, first at US multi-strategy hedge fund Start Investments and the last four years as a founding partner of ThoroFinance, an Amsterdam-based VC firm specialized in renewable energy and FinTech.

Over time he has strategically arranged and made several successful investments in renewable energy, Fintech and token sales/ICOs projects and currently acts as a legal, tax and financial advisor to a number of coins and cryptocurrency projects.

Linkedin Profile: steven-deurloo-955a991/ 
Twitter Page: smdeurloo


Over the last two weeks the Intense team has applied for both the Bittrex and soon to be launched Bitfineon trading platforms. Bittrex is one of the most well known exchanges in the crypto ecosystem.

Bittrex currently ranks #7 with a daily volume of nearly 400 million USD according to Coin Market Cap.

Bitfineon is a soon to be launched trading platform based out of Switzerland. To stay informed about when they officially launch, you can subscribe to their email updates here.

Below is a teaser video from the Bitfineon website:

Bitfineon Platform Features

You can contact Bitfineon with any questions here: contact@bitfineon.com.

We will update the community accordingly regarding future developments of these applications.


Stocks.exchange experienced some challenges with the Intense wallet about a week ago leading to pausing of ITNS trading on the exchange. Our development team has been in close communication with Stocks.exchange to resolve their issue and provide as much support as possible. Stocks.Exchange continues to work with our team to resolve their issue and to prepare their exchange for the upcoming hardfork in May. No estimate for resolution is available at this time but we’ll update you via our social media channels as we learn more. In the meantime, please feel free to utilize one of the other exchanges Intense Coin is listed on!


As previously reported, ITNS has officially been added to the Octal Bit exchange with BTC/ITNS and ETH/ITNS trading pair options.

According to Coin Market Cap Octal Bit is currently ranked #97 in daily trading volume.


Our team is pleased to announce the addition of a tip bot feature for beta testing in the text channel section. The tip bot allows users to ‘tip’ or give ITNS to Discord channel members at any time. The tip bot was created by one of our moderators, ddvs1, with some collaboration and testing by the development team.


As of April 15th, we are proud to acknowledge:

• 1,616 individuals have joined Intense on Slack,
• +308 pages of chatter on the Bitcointalk forum
• 3,825 members after only 6 months on our Discord server

The Discord chat server platform is the easiest and quickest way to have your opinion or concern heard by the Intense team. Intense team members are designated by red coloring in their usernames and Intense Discord moderators members are designated by green coloring. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. Come chat with us!

Although the Intense community is still small and tight-knit group, we are growing at a very encouraging pace. You can continue to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Slack and Github.

Please retweet the posts that strike a chord with you and most importantly, we really encourage you to participate in the Slack, Discord, and Bitcointalk forum discussion!


As of April 15th, ITNS ranks #725 on Coin Market Cap.

/ BTC / ITNS, 0.00000055 BTC

/ ETH/ ITNS, 0.00000939 ETH


The goal of this post and every future bi-monthly post is to keep the community as up to date and informed as possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out and join the community discussion, especially in the Discord app.


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