April 1st Update

Welcome to April, Intense Coin (ITNS) community. Happy April Fools day! Please accept our apology now for the absence of jokes and pranks in this post. Let’s get down to brass tacks and keep it strictly business!

Our development, marketing, social media and content team have all been hard at work over the past two weeks and have a number of updates to share with you about the development of our product and brand since the last update.


We are aware the community at large has been anxiously awaiting further news regarding our new branding partner. The Intense Team has decided to partner with Moon Lisboa.

Intense "spaceship" landing on the Moon

Moon is the first agency in Portugal with integrated audiovisual production. Everything that Moon creates, she can also produce. The result is a set of communication turnkey solutions which results in a clear simplification of processes.

Moon is an integrated communications agency – 360º – as such, integrates all disciplines of traditional communication, as well as other areas that a traditional agency does not have.

Born in 2012, Moon Lisbon has a place of reference in the national market. Moon has been involved in massive projects such as Euro 2004 and rebranding projects for major Portuguese brands such as Contintente, TMN, Optimus and Montepio Geral. Moon has also carried out work for brands that are household names in Portugal such as ICEP, Sonae, Bes, Montepio Geral, Peugeut, Citroen, Sagres, and many others.

Moon Lisboa has won 5 creativity awards over the last calendar year including:

Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade

• Express, Press Campaign (Silver)

• Express, Outdoor campaign (Silver)


• REBRANDING GELPEIXE: Design Corporate image (Bronze)

• Benfica insurance, Campaign TV and cinema (Bronze)

You can check out Moon Lisboa’s award winning work here.


Intense is also currently in the process of becoming an official legal entity. We have recently partnered with MME, a highly integrated and cutting edge law, tax and compliance firm. MME represents companies and individuals in all business related matters. Their partners assist clients with personal and thorough attention in Switzerland and globally.

1 for all Legal | Tax | Compliance

MME provides integrated, comprehensive and interdisciplinary services with speed and efficiency from highly qualified advisors. They have international experience and develop tailor-made and entrepreneurial solutions.

Through this process, Intense will become a Swiss based non-profit foundation. Our headquarter offices will be located in Zug, Switzerland.


Our proxy and VPN products and integration with the Intense Coin network continue to be on schedule.

A working prototype of the Service Discovery Platform (SDP) has been established and is being refined. The SDP is the backbone of the Intense VPN, allowing client nodes to discover provider/exit nodes and learn about their price, location, terms of use, and verify authenticity. As the SDP is primarily operated server side and the Intense clients and network will be dependent upon it for functionality and security, the code for this is being kept private for the time being.

The Intense VPN repo saw its first major commit as the dispatcher has been prepared for interaction with the wallet and SDP.

In terms of blockchain development, a target has been set to hard fork to block version 4 on May 14, 2018. The version 4 hard fork will include a proof-of-work algorithm revision, upgrading to multiple Monero-based features such as RingCT and mandatory mixins, and elimination of merged mining. The development team will establish test branches for each of these features, and will conduct testnet operations to verify functionality before slating features for live release.

The developers received a few questions about our work and we thought you may be interested in the responses:

  • Q: How modified is the openVPN element? How are clients being protected so the operator can’t see their information?
    • A: We chose OpenVPN for its great protection over the untrusted network and support for the latest encryption protocols and strong ciphers. As such, we do not modify OpenVPN in any way. There is no way that the operator of a VPN node would not be able to inspect the traffic coming from the VPN client. This is due to the fact that the VPN operator is the final hop from the VPN client to the Internet and its computer needs to send VPN Client traffic to its internet service provider. However, the key to the protection of VPN client data is encryption of the data transmitted inside the VPN tunnel. First, we are looking into forcing encrypted DNS traffic as the new services that allow this are emerging. The second, we will educate users to use secure (HTTPS) browsing, email, and other typical internet traffic. This will prohibit the operator from inspecting the traffic. In the next release of the VPN product we plan to add traffic inspection on the VPN client side and warn user if an unencrypted connection is attempted over the VPN. For example, this could be a website accessed over HTTP rather than HTTPS, unencrypted FTP connection, POP3 or IMAP email download connection, etc.
  • Q: Do clients need to run a blockchain locally?
    • A: No. The wallet already has an option to use a remote blockchain node instead of a local node, however this is not switched on by default. We are considering to have this option on by default and operate a number of cloud based blockchain daemon.
  • Q: What encryption settings are you using?
    • A: We use HAProxy and OpenVPN as the cornerstone of the secured communication. Both support TLS 1.3, which has just been released. We will only use TLS 1.3 with ECDHE for key exchange and ECDHA for authentication, using ed25519. Moreover, all VPN connections will use Perfect Forward Secrecy provided in TLS 1.3. You can view all supported cipher suites here.
  • Q: Obviously excessive encryption is just unduly taxing on the server and the client. Do you have any tech specs on how the server will be run?
    • A: I disagree with your assertion that encryption is unduly taxing. The CPUs in computers several years old are strong enough to provide crypto operations without noticeable performance degradation. Providing VPN server end node should be no more taxing on CPU than browsing to an encrypted webpage. Tech specs are equivalent to what is needed to operate the blockchain daemon and wallet. Roughly speaking, 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, and enough disk space to accommodate the blockchain if you choose to run a local node (5GB today) should be sufficient. Also see OpenVPN’s article on hardware requirements.


CryptoNight is the proof-of-work (POW) algorithm that Intense Coin and many other coins including XMR, AEON and SUMO, utilizes to generate blocks. One of CryptoNight’s long-running alleged strengths is resistance to application specific integrated circuit chip (ASIC) mining. ASIC mining allows significantly improved efficiency and throughput compared to conventional graphics card (GPU) or processor (CPU) mining.

Recently, multiple mining hardware equipment manufacturer companies announced ASICs for the CryptoNight algorithm, primarily designed to target Monero (XMR) mining. Monero has the largest market cap ($3.4 billion at the time of this post) of all CryptoNight currencies by a tremendous margin.

As we have discussed in prior posts, our blockchain development team has decided to follow Monero for non-VPN blockchain developments. There are compelling reasons to heed Monero’s example. The Monero team has more collective expertise, active developer contributions, and overall resources than our young cryptocurrency.

Therefore, the Intense Coin blockchain developers will continue to follow Monero’s decisions related to anti-ASIC measures. The hash power provided by ASICs comes at the cost of network centralization and minimization of the efforts of small miners. Monero already has an ASIC thwarting hardfork scheduled for the first week of April that will revise the POW algorithm from classic CryptoNight to “CryptoNight variant 1”. This POW change is thought to render the upcoming ASICs useless.

For the time being, Monero’s public stance to combat ASICs is to perpetually hard fork and revise its POW algorithm. It is not clear how effective this strategy will be in the short or long term. We will be closely monitoring Monero’s progress and success in employing this measure to combat the influence of ASICs on the network, and will likely adopt a similar or identical countermeasure if Monero succeeds.

For more information and to view this update in its entirety, see Valiant’s post here.


According to Reuters, reports out of Beijing this week include a non-state sanctioned ban on virtual private networks (VPNs).

“VPNs, which can bypass China’s Great Firewall, the world’s most extensive effort to try to control cyberspace, allow companies and individuals to secure access to information stored outside the country and gain access to websites blocked in China, including news sites, social media and search engines.

New regulations introduced last year ban companies and consumers from using VPNs that are not government approved, starting on Sunday, but it is still not clear how strictly the rules will be implemented. Businesses say they have not received directives from authorities about the ban and say the lack of transparency around the rules is cause for concern.”

The Intense team is closely monitoring these developments. The Great Chinese Firewall signals the clear need for a VPN marketplace to promote internet freedom. Intense Coin is eager to fulfill the needs of this population with the eventual release of our VPN products!



We are happy to announce Intense Coin has been added to the planned addition list on the VICex.io exchange platform.

This development was achieved through strong community engagement and support, and follow-through by voting on VICex. We thank you for continuing to ride this wave with us.


Intense Coin is currently in 4th place on the Coinpulse.io exchange platform. To vote for Intense Coin on Coinpulse.io, click this link and press the up-vote button.


Our team is pleased to announce we have already reached the required number of votes to be considered for the Chinese based Octal Bit Exchange.

You can vote for Intense Coin on Octal Bit here.


The Intense social media team has created a new Facebook group to expand our social media reach and keep our community engaged with updates on more platforms. The focus of posts in this group are targeted towards updating our community on important privacy based news, and updates with our team, product and brand. Please take advantage of this group and don’t hesitate to join the conversation.


As of April 1st we are proud to acknowledge:

• 1,604 individuals have joined Intense on Slack,
• +298 pages of chatter on the Bitcointalk forum
• 3,764 members after only 5 months on our Discord server

The Intense Coin Discord chat server platform is the easiest and quickest way to have your opinion or concern heard by the Intense team. Intense team members are designated by red coloring in their usernames and Intense Discord moderators members are designated by green coloring.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have!

Come chat with us. Although the Intense community is still small and tight-knit group, we are growing at a very encouraging pace. You can continue to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Slack and Github.

Please retweet the posts that strike a chord with you and most importantly, we really encourage you to participate in the Slack, Discord, and Bitcointalk forum discussion. Your voice is a welcomed addition to our community.


As of April 1st, ITNS ranks #708 on Coin Market Cap.

  /   : 0.00000054 BTC
  /   : 0.00001108 ETH


The goal of this post and every future bi-monthly post is to keep the community as up to date and informed as possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out and join the community discussion, especially in the Discord app.


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