New Daemon and Wallet in Beta

The development team has concluded extensive testing of the XMR Rebase branch. We are pleased to announce the software is ready for a public beta release!

Note that this release only includes command line interface (CLI) components. Graphical user interface (GUI) components will come at a later date.

The team was able to successfully finish the rebase without a hard fork. Your coins from before the beta will still be present after the beta, and there are no changes to the blockchain. There will be hard forks at a later date to support some valuable Monero features such as RingCT and dust mitigation.

What is a beta?

A beta is an early release of software. This means that there will likely be more bugs and issues that an end user will experience compared to a full release version. Your testing efforts are sincerely appreciated! More importantly, your efforts are necessary to help us cover our bases and release better functioning software.

This beta release underpins a future release and complete switch to Monero (XMR) based software. By upgrading now, you will have less to worry about later, and you will gain the benefits of improved wallet and daemon functionality.

Do I have to upgrade to the beta?

No. It is completely optional.

Intense Coin XMR Rebase beta, version

The Intense Coin command line daemon and wallet are being launched as a beta in version 1.4.4. Several new features are included with this release, courtesy of Monero (XMR), and the daemon syncs faster and more reliably. We have conducted tests on the testnet and mainnet for synchronization, transactions, and making blocks. Kudos to @ddvs1 (Intense Coin West Mining Pool) for spending significant time working with the development team and donating massive hash power for mainnet pool testing!

The beta has been thoroughly bug tested and is thought to be stable, but some issues will inevitably still exist. This early release is designed for users that are interested in and capable of contributing to the development process by reporting bugs to the GitHub issues tracker.

The beta does not interact with classic ITNS blockchain files or wallet files in any way. The blockchain P2P networks interact, but the pre-rebase/post-rebase files are distinct from one another. This has a couple important implications:

  • Your ITNS daemon blockchain is not compatible in the rebase/beta. You will need to fully resync either using the network, or by using the blockchain.raw file on github for a quick import (more instructions below).
  • Any wallet files created by ITNS software must be manually exported and imported into versions 1.4.4 and later of the software. Wallet files created by pre-rebase (pre-1.4.3) software are not compatible with post-rebase (1.4.3 and later) software, and vice versa.

Steps to upgrade to the beta daemon

Upgrading to the beta is as simple as downloading (or compiling) the new software on your machine. All binaries are posted on our GitHub releases page. Download the 1.4.4 beta, and optionally, the blockchain.raw snapshot of the blockchain. The snapshot is current until height 112,000. Alternatively, a full sync from scratch takes about 30 minutes on a modern PC or server. Older machines will take longer due to slower I/O rates and slower CPU processing, leading to slower validation of blocks.

If you wish to compile the binaries yourself, instructions are included in the README.

  1. Download or compile the new software
  2. To sync from scratch using the network:
    1. Launch intensecoind and wait for synchronization
  3. To sync using the uploaded blockchain snapshot:
    1. Acquire the blockchain.raw file and place it in the same folder as intense-blockchain-import
    2. Run the following command: intense-blockchain-import --input-file blockchain.raw. Optionally add the parameter --verify=0 to skip verification of transactions, which will significantly speed up the import time, but you should only do this if you trust the blockchain snapshot.

Steps to upgrade your wallet

Since your classic ITNS pre-rebase wallet is incompatible with newer versions of the software, you have two options. You can either create a new wallet in the rebase software and transfer all of your funds on the blockchain (recommended), or you can export your private (also called secret) keys from the classic software and import those keys into the rebase software. The first method is self-explanatory and is recommended because wallets created in versions 1.4.3 and later of the software feature the ability of word-based seed restoration. This feature is not available in any wallets created before 1.4.3. Word based seeds are 25 words that you can print out or write down, and restore your wallet at any time using only those words. It offers much more reliability and convenience than classic ITNS wallets, and it allows simpler creation/restoration of offline wallets.

To export private/secret keys from a pre-1.4.3 wallet:

  1. Open your wallet file in the latest master version (1.4.2) of the Intense Coin GUI wallet or CLI daemon/wallet. The following features are only available in 1.4.2.
  2. To export keys from the GUI:
    1. Click File > Export secret key
  3. To export keys from the CLI:
    1. Open simplewallet, and open your wallet file. Allow the wallet to load.
    2. Enter the command keys

To import your wallet into versions 1.4.3 or later, you will need the wallet address and the two secret keys.

  1. In version 1.4.3 or later, launch `intense-wallet-cli.exe` with the argument --generate-from-keys <newWalletFileName>
  2. Enter the wallet address and secret keys when prompted.

I have a problem, what should I do?

Please use our GitHub issues tracker to see if your issue has already been posted. If it hasn’t, please post it there. GitHub is the best way to connect directly with our developers.

As always, Slack and Discord are great resources for community support. You probably aren’t the first person with the issue you are having, so checking with other users in those channels is a good idea.


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