February 1st Update

Welcome to February, Intense Coin (ITNS) community!

The Intense Team has continued diligently working on developing our products since the last update and we have a number of updates to share.

Social Media Awareness Explosion

Since Tim and Joel joined our team on January 7th, we have experienced an explosion of interest across all of our social media platforms, especially Twitter. We’ve seen over 1 million impressions, a 149% increase, 11,800 profile visits and 1,445 new followers in the past 28 days. This has more than doubled our total impressions and followers over that time.

We have put together this graphic to illustrate the growth of Intense Coin over the last month.

Seeking New Community Manager Team Member

We are currently seeking a new addition to the Intense Coin team. Starting February 1st, we will be accepting resumes for the position of Community Manager. This position will focus on actively being involved with our Discord server and Slack channel. We have seen significant interest with our product and are seeking someone to help manage communication on these two platforms.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume and contact details to francisco@intensecoin.com.

Development: Monero Code Adoption

The development team has been deeply engrossed in rebasing (or adopting) to the Monero (XMR) codebase, which will offer a myriad of current and future improvements for Intense Coin. Some of the Monero functionality will also have tremendous utility for the Intense VPN, such as the use of integrated addresses and RingCT.

The Intense Coin XMR Github branch has seen over 50 commits since the rebase was initiated on January 10th, adjusting for the various nuances between the legacy Bytecoin codebase and the changes instituted by ITNS for larger transactions and more intelligent difficulty adjustment. A public beta is planned for release in the next 1-2 weeks. The team will publish complete information on how to migrate your software and wallets when the time comes.

Development: Browser Extension Update

The development and system architecture teams have nearly finalized high level design and planning efforts for the browser extension. Developers plan to begin writing code in the next 1-2 weeks. Development of the browser extension is occurring simultaneously with the Intense VPN, as the internal structures and system required to support the browser extension will serve a dual purpose for the VPN.

Recap: The Intense Browser Extension (BE) will be a cross-platform product, supporting Chrome and Firefox, that extends the exit node marketplace functionality proposed for the Intense VPN wallet to browsers. Clients using the Intense BE will have the ability to view and filter HTTPS proxy exit node providers according to location, speed, price, and any restrictions or limitations such as bandwidth or logging. Clients will use ITNS to pay fees charged by HTTPS exit node providers, and thus clients will also need the Intense Coin wallet running on their machine.

The Intense Coin BE is an elegant solution to facilitate Intense network users exchanging Intense Coin for HTTPS proxy services. Its transaction, broadcast, discovery and authorization mechanisms work hand-in-hand with those required for the Intense VPN, and HTTPS proxies are markedly more accessible than VPN tunneling.

Why VPN and Internet Privacy are Important

The demand for a censorship free, private and open internet has reached critical mass.

The demand for a censorship free, private and open internet has reached critical mass. The graphic below is from a researcher at the Research and Development Corporation (RAND), an American nonprofit global policy think tank named Paul Baran from a document titled an Introduction to Distributed Communication Networks released in 1964. It effectively demonstrates the overarching goals of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Right now, the Internet and crypto ecosystem are in the process of moving from the corporate and establishment controlled centralized (A) model, to the decentralized (B) model. The end goal the Intense network, product and brand is helping to achieve are transforming these systems into a truly distributed (C) network.

In order to achieve these aims, we first need to create an open, censorship free, immutable, private internet network to provide the backbone of this system. This is where Intense Coin comes in. 

In order to act as a node, staking of ITNS in your wallet will be required. ITNS has established a very novel approach to staking by creating a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake (PoW/PoS) and purpose for ITNS.

Staking in traditional PoS systems often yields interest, however in our PoW/PoS system staking is only used to prove ownership and does not yield interest. This hybrid model fosters currency utilization and network growth.

Businesses generally use VPNs to connect remote data centers, and individuals use VPNs to get access to network resources when they’re not physically on the same LAN (local area network), or as a method for securing and encrypting their communications when using an untrusted public network.
 Depending on what you’re using a VPN for, your service’s location and the exit locations you choose are important to consider.

If you want to circumvent a location restriction and watch live TV in Japan, for example, you want to make sure your VPN service provider has servers in the Japan. 

If you’re concerned about privacy or state-sponsored snooping, you may want to pick a service operating outside of your home country. Similarly, if this service is based in the U.S., they’re subject to U.S. laws, and may also be forced to turn over usage data to the authorities upon request; especially if you are buying your service via credit card.

The biggest drawback to using a centralized VPN service’s is relying on the company to safeguard personal information, rather than sell it to third parties or partners, or surrendering the data to a court order. Intense VPN lessens many of these problems and concerns by creating a distributed privacy based exit node network.

VPN Update

January was a really busy month and the project picked up speed after relaxing for the Christmas holiday.

Our project team continued to grow with the addition of Lukas Macura, a very high-level, and qualified Linux expert. 

His primary task was to finalize the user stories, and wireframes for the GUI. I am happy to say that we achieved all of these goals, hence the project is moving into the development phase on schedule. This will be followed by initiating the client and server side of development. Thanks to our design decisions to reuse existing open source projects, we are confident the development should be relatively swift.

We will of course, update you on continued progress of the VPN implementation.

New Exchanges Update

We are well aware that many in the community have had a number of issues with the Stocks.Exchange platform. Our team has been in touch with a number of exchanges, and as soon as we have verification that we have been added, we will make a separate post announcing the details of this addition and pass that information along to the community.

Next.Exchange Update: We can however announce today we have achieved the required number of votes to be considered for Next.Exchange; more details to come.

Further Expansion of Internal Team Structure

We are pleased to announce the further expansion of our internal team structure. This past month we added two more highly qualified and credible advisors to the Intense Coin team, Christian Schroder and Jitender Arora.

Rocket Internet Investor Christian is a German serial entrepreneur and investor. Together with Rocket Internet, Europe’s largest venture builder and venture capitalist fund, he has built several ecommerce and marketplace businesses with hundreds of employees all over the world. Christian’s areas of expertise are in scaling, fund-raising, and hyper-growth management. Aside from his primary work, Christian is a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum (WEF), an avid traveller who has visited  over 30 countries and an enthusiast for emerging technologies.

Jitender is a highly accomplished, innovative and strategic Global Senior Executive with over 18 years of experience in Operational Risk, Technology Risk, Cyber Security, Information Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance domains. Jitender is an expert with a proven track record of success in strategy definition and execution, leading global business transformation initiatives, managing efficient operations, building and managing CxO and board level relationships.

Currently, Jitender is leading and managing the Operational Risk Management function of a UK financial services organization to ensure that appropriate strategies and business plans are developed and implemented to support the organization’s corporate objectives and that the appropriate standards and methods of working are in place. Jitender is a key member of the enterprise leadership team and acting as a leader and ambassador for the Risk function.

Previously, Jitender has worked in senior leadership roles in global financial services organizations including the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Barclays, Visa Europe and Deutsche Bank. Here are few key highlights and accomplishments of his career:

• Key member of the Senior Leadership Group (SLG) tasked with launching a UK Challenger Bank.

• Key member of the Operational Risk leadership team responsible for building the Operational Risk function for a UK Challenger Bank.

• Defined and managed Operational Risk Strategy and embedded operational risk management framework across the entire organization for a UK Challenger Bank.

• Defined and lead Information Security function for a UK Challenger Bank.

• Defined and implemented global strategy and solution design for Identity and Access Management solution addressing significant control ineffectiveness identified by audit and regulators.

• Designed and Implemented Technology Risk Oversight Framework driving maturity and consistency across EMEA region spanning across 22 countries/businesses.

• Managed multiple global security improvement programmes in global organizations resulting in improved information security maturity.

Update: Community Engagement

As of January 31st, we are proud to acknowledge that 1,474 individuals have joined Intense on Slack, and we have accumulated over 253 pages of chatter on the Bitcointalk forum. We continue to be surprised by how quickly our Intense Coin Discord server has gained traction, now boasting 3,002 members after only 3 months.

The Discord chat server platform is the easiest and quickest way to have your opinion or concern heard by the Intense team. Intense team members are designated by red coloring in their usernames.

Come chat with us!

Although the Intense community is still small and tight-knit group, we are growing at a very encouraging pace. You can continue to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Slack and Github.


Please retweet the posts that strike a chord with you and most importantly, we really encourage you to participate in the Slack, Discord, and Bitcointalk forum discussion!

Your voice is a welcomed addition to our community.

Coin Market Cap Data and BTC/ETH Ratio’s

As of January 31st, ITNS ranks #541 on Coin Market Cap.

 /    BTC/ITNS, 0.00000194 BTC
 /    ETH/ITNS, 0.00001934 ETH


The Intense team and community continue to have very positive feelings moving forward about the product we are creating. Most importantly, the development team continues to be hard at work on creating the Intense Coin BE and Intense VPN. The goal of this post and every future monthly post is to keep the community as up to date and informed as possible.

We will continue to be fully transparent with our business plans and endeavors moving forward. Until then, don’t hesitate to reach out and join the discussion, especially in the Discord app.


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