October Update

It’s time for the monthly update. We’ll keep it short, sweet and good to eat!


Intense Coin (ITNS) was recently listed on an exchange. As you may recall from last month, this was a big hurdle for us due to the foundational code of Intense Coin being more complex and uncommon compared to classic Bitcoin or Ethereum derived coins/tokens. A lot of time went into working with the stocks.exchange team to get ITNS listed, and we’re proud to cross that off the list. Although stocks.exchange is lesser known than some mainstream exchanges, the support staff is highly dedicated and knowledgeable. We are continuing to correspond with additional exchanges and hope to be listed on at least one more exchange by next month.


Several days ago, code was uploaded to github updating the wallet and daemon. The changes resolved some issues relating to transaction sizes for people attempting to exchange large amounts of ITNS. These issues were previously unknown, since nobody was sending large amounts of ITNS until the exchange listing occurred! We issued a patch as quickly as possible, but any exposed transactions were stuck in the network pool for a full week due to protocol limitations.

The most important thing to come out of these changes is an increase in block size to 1,000,000 bytes, up from 20,000 bytes. With this improvement, transactions being ‘too big’ will no longer be an issue. This will take effect at block 50,000. At the time of this post, we are around block 42,000. At our target two minute block time, this means we should reach the 50,000 block network upgrade in about 11 days. Please note that a wallet and/or daemon upgrade is mandatory to be compatible with these changes! Wallet versions 1.2.2 or later are compatible.


The Intense whitepaper is in the process of being written now, as detailed on our roadmap. The September items of passphrase/mnemonic wallet restoration and creation, and the Slack tipbot, are overdue. The main developer, Valiant, is waist-deep in graduate study demands. This has signaled a need to the Intense team to move forward on something we already knew needed to be done, but it was not in the forefront of our minds (see below)…


We are looking for a skilled C/C++ team member to join the Intense team. At this time, we are a team of only three – a developer, a marketer, and a graphic designer – and the current amount of software related demands is far exceeding what one developer is capable of performing. Beyond possessing a sound C/C++ skill set, we’re looking for a team player that is friendly, flexible and ready to come on board for the long haul. Prior blockchain experience is a plus but not necessarily mandatory. Compensation will occur, quite handsomely, in ITNS. Please contact us via our contact form or Slack (@intense-valiant or @intense-alex) and let us know what you can bring to the table.

We don’t have a fancy office to bring potential team members to yet, but look on the bright side – you get to work from the comfort of your home! If you’re not interested in long term work, consulting-style bounties can also be discussed.

We are also recruiting a community manager/liaison position, see next section!


We currently have more than 440 Members in Slack and are thankful having such a supportive and active community. Many people help out answering any kind of questions (technical, operations, marketing) for new members, and many are actively engaging in conversation on Slack and Bitcointalk. We really appreciate the engagement! In terms of marketing, the plan is to contact various platforms for banner advertising. This should be done within the next 1-2 weeks so that we have active banner ads live in approximately 3 weeks. Furthermore, we are going to launch paid Twitter advertisements targeting a wide range of people such as potential investors, Blockchain-tech related individuals, VPN connected community and so on. Twitter ads will roll out by the end of this month. A significant amount will be spent on that. Furthermore, we will reach out to various YouTube influencers that are associated with mining and coin reviews, providing either ITNS incentives and/or relying upon our convincing abilities 🙂

As the developer team still has a real life in addition to being busy with developing  and maintaining the project itself, we cannot always engage in community/Bitcointalk/Twitter/Slack conversation or answering community questions when needed. However, we are trying our best to do so. Within the next 4 weeks we hope to find 1-2 two more helping hands supporting us with community related aspects such as answering questions on Slack and Bitcointalk, engage in Twitter/Reddit conversation etc. These person(s) could act as a kind of community manager and would be in close contact with us. If you want to be part of the Intense team and are willing to help push this project forward then please feel free to contact us on Slack. We potentially could reward/(pay) with ITNS.

The Twitter-retweet bounty program will end on the 25th of October – 12pm GMT+7 which means there is still the chance to enter the bounty program before that date. All Twitter bounties will be paid and sent before the 31st of October GMT+7


The Intense network has significantly diversified over the last few weeks as a handful of third-parties have begun hosting pool for Intense. This is exactly what the Intense team wanted, and this was our goal in raising the fee on the official pool a few weeks ago, as diversity in the mining network reduces single points of failure and potential for attacks. Check our Bitcointalk thread for more details on the alternative pools.

An interesting potential partnership bloomed over the last several days with a prominent and influential figure in the cryptocurrency space. The potential partnership is contingent on our whitepaper details and release. Needless to say, this occurrence was a strong motivator and catalyst for the whitepaper! We’ll let you know if anything shakes out. Sure, it’s vague information, but just the prospect of talking to a key stakeholder about Intense was a small celebration for the core team. We have to extend a sincere thanks to @oliveskin, a Slack community member, for setting up the conversation. This was a strong demonstration in the power of collective efforts and community involvement, and a reminder to the core team to keep our eyes forward and minds open!


Although only a single dev works on the core Intense team, a group of developers with expertise in networking, blockchain systems and C/C++ are assisting with work on the VPN. We still feel confident about hitting our target of December for an open beta of VPN features.


Things aren’t moving as fast as we would like, but we are confident that building our team will help us rectify that. Stay tuned, and as always, please follow us (and talk to us!) on Slack and Twitter! Ensure subscribing to Reddit and like Intense on Facebook

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